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Matilda Djerf Finally Enters Hair Care with Djerf Beauty

If Hailey Bieber is the “clean girl” nail muse, then Matilda Jeff is undoubtedly a hairstyle icon. The Swedish influencer’s signature voluminous hairstyle and sleek bun have put TikTok in trouble since 2021, and her blonde highlights are as famous as fan-favorite clothing lines and idyllic content. In fact, Jeff’s hair is the closest to “Rachel” in the modern hairstyle, and the #MatildaDjerfHair hashtag has garnered millions of views on TikTok.

Considering that her clothing label, Djerf Avenue, was born to share her staple pieces with the world, it makes sense that her first foray into beauty was by opting for hair care products that would make it easy to achieve her signature style. It’s something her fans have been showing for years, and it’s something that Dev himself has dreamed of for a long time.

On March 27th, everyone’s dream came true with the launch of Djerf Beauty, a hand-picked selection of two easy-to-use hair care products. Next, she gave us an update on the launch, and the Byrdie team shared our honest review.


According to Djerf, she entered the hair care space for the same reason she founded her own brand in the first place: selfishness. “I’ve never really found a hair care product myself that I really really like,” she told Birdy. While she admits that she’s never been too keen on makeup or skincare – even though she’s trying to learn – hair has always been one of her favorite ways to express herself. So, with the support of the Djerf Avenue team, Djerf set out to make two dream products that were missing from her day-to-day work: On the Go Styling Gel ($22) and The Breezy Styling Mist ($27).

Her team has been talking about expansion since 2021, and Djerf Beauty’s formula from 2022. Despite not having any prior beauty experience, it was very important to the Djerf Avenue founder that the products were made with the best ingredients. Her Breezy Mist product, in particular, has gone through many iterations to be successful.

Jeff insists that there is no “filler” ingredient in the formula that she calls it. “I really want all the ingredients to work. If it’s not, then we don’t want it in the recipe. Ethical sourcing is also a major priority, with 100% PCR (post-consumer recycled) packaging sourced from Europe.

Perfume is also a top concern for Jeff, who she says is a “perfume nightmare.” Not wanting anything too sweet or too heavy, she ended up opting for what she called a “universal” sandalwood scent with a hint of cardamom – a nod to Swedish cardamom bread.


Djerf’s hard work has resulted in two important products. “I always have blowouts, sleek buns or ponytails,” she explains. “I’ve never found a product that can help me achieve both styles. I always have to mix two or three different products to achieve the results I want.”

The first of these two products is the Breezy Styling Mist, which is the secret to Djerf’s bouncy blowout. This spray is a multi-purpose spray that adds volume, hold, and heat resistance, which is a must-have on Djerf’s hairstyling list. If you need a little energy, you can also use it as a refreshing spray on dry hair. “We really wanted the styling spray to provide heat protection,” says Jeff. “It’s the only product you’ll need – you don’t need to use heat protectants and texture sprays.”

In addition to moisturizing ingredients like sunflower seed extract (which also helps protect color-treated hair) and aloe vera, Jeff also adds salt to the formula to “give it a lightweight feel.” She says one of her favorite ways to use the spray is as a final product. “I do lunch workouts, and when I get back to the office, [my hair] looks tired,” she said. “I just like to spray a little bit and brush it in with a round brush so it adds volume. ”
When Djerf’s hair isn’t blowing, it combs back, and that’s where On the Go Styling Gel comes in. The gel is another multi-purpose product, somewhere between a traditional gel and a cream. The shine is crucial to Djerf, and she doesn’t want the gel to feel any waxy or stiff – she always praises the “beautiful shine” of the squalane in the formula. There’s also marula oil, aloe vera, and glycerin, which provide extra moisture, while the gel can be used to smooth hair, smooth loose hair, and shape curls.

Despite the effect, Jeff insisted that the gel remained soft and silky even after applying a few layers. In fact, she says she even takes her hair off the bun and brushes off the gel without the weird crunch or flakes.

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